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Overview of Heinrich Himmler's Uniforms by Grand-Lobster-King Overview of Heinrich Himmler's Uniforms by Grand-Lobster-King
These are historically accurate depictions of Heinrich Himmler in uniform as Reichsführer-SS.

Heinrich Himmler (born October 7 1900) had been one of Hitler's most trusted, loyal, and capable supporters. 
After Hitler was released from prison, he actively sought to reassemble his movement and had Himmler installed as Reichsführer-SS in 1929. From that point on, Himmler took the Schutzstaffel and transformed it from solely a personal bodyguard to Hitler to eventually a million man elite fighting force, boasting what was supposed to be not only Germany's genetically finest and ideal soldiers but also an army of volunteers all assembled to fight communism together under the nazi flag. Because of his undying loyalty and ability to pick capable staff that could get things Hitler wanted done quickly and correctly, he became Hitler's favorite subordinate and he christened him der treue Heinrich (faithful heinrich). Himmler, partnered with Reinhard Heydrich (until Heydrich's 1942 assassination) also organized the Holocaust - the largest genocide in human history. Himmler held wacky mystical viewpoints on life and Nazism which Hitler himself called nonsense. He kept a low social profile and apparently didn't socialize with too many people besides personnel from his own SS. As the war went on, Himmler constantly consolidated his own power and increased the SS's size until the end of the war and everything seemed hopeless. Always considering himself a hopeful successor to Hitler, he and Hermann Goring left Berlin when Hitler decided to stay in his capital city and either resolve his hopeless situation or die with his twisted dreams. First came Goring, who asked permission to take over as ruler of the Reich. Martin Bormann, who controlled access to the Führer and used it to his own advantage often, convinced Hitler it was a coup and Hitler flew into a rage and asked for Goring's arrest. Surprisingly, the order from a deranged and medicated Führer in a surrounded and totally zoomed city actually went into effect and SS personnel took Goring and put him into house arrest. A passing Luftwaffe unit freed him later.

A few days later, Heinrich Himmler was reported to be negotiating with the allies and was attempting to end the war with the allies and continue together to defeat the Soviet advances. To help his case, he ordered the release of 20,000 concentration camp prisoners and attempted to convince the other side that conditions in the camps were decent. In reality, walking skeletons and helpless people worked, wandered, and waited inside while old temporary camp guards (older men sent to free up young men to fight in the war) oversaw it. The negotiations didn't go through as he hoped. On April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide in Berlin after expelling Goring and Himmler from all posts and banning them from the nazi party. A highly sought after target, Himmler and his convoy of cars went to Flensburg to meet the new government Hitler's last will set up.

Furthermore: Heinrich Himmler's capture and suicide depictions can be found here: grand-lobster-king.deviantart.…

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:bulletred: This deviation is part of a series covering the Third Reich in a historical, educational, and virtual museum sense. As painful as it is to see some of these images, seeing them is the greatest possible way to avoid the mistakes of the past from being repeated. If you have any questions regarding the depiction or history about them in any form, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for viewing!
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